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Let history be your guest

...performances and walking acts for your occasion!

Turn your event into a time maschine! We breathe new life into well-known historical personalities and recreate epochs. With a little imagination and some great skill at telling the stories, our actors transport your guests to another age as they talk about their lives and interact in elaborate scenes.

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Charles de Graimberg

Historical Characters

Past times are being brought to life by historical characters such as Queen Elizabeth Stuart, Charles de Graimberg, savior of Castle Heidelberg, or Duchess Stefanie de Beauharnais as you listen to their tales. With a little imagination and some great skill at telling the stories, you are transported to another age as they talk about their lives. Look behind the scenes when a talkative court lady, a garrulous maid or experienced investigator share their secrets. A herbal woman gives advice on how to awaken and preserve desire and affection and a night watchman has gruesome tales to tell.
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Elizabeth Stuart
Baroque pleasures

Historical Walking Acts

Would you like your event to be enlivened by historical characters? Past times come to life when colourful costumed characters promenade amongst your guests. When approached they will be happy to give interesting information about themselves and their period. ➺ Contact us!

Palatine Timetravels

Chit-chat is being served

Think what it would be like to enjoy your coffee and cake or your drink whilst being regaled with exciting tales of amorous adventures, riotous students and the latest town gossip. Two ladies in period costume keep you company serving

tittle-tattle, trivia and anecdotes from the past. Or let yourself be filled in about the love affairs of princes and dukes and courtly pleasures like hunts, banquets and intrigues by two ladies-in-waiting. Please chose your venue. ➺ Contact us!

Palatine Timetravels

Past Delights

Learn about culinary delights, decorations and table manners of the past while enjoying your feast. We can arrange for authentic meals and musical entertainment. If you like to learn historical dances, we will happily teach you. Anything to perfect your festivity! Please chose your venue.
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