March 18th, 2022

Dear guests, city tours and tours of our beautiful state monuments are possible for Heidelberg and its Palace, Mannheim and its Palace and Schwetzingen Palace plus Palace Garden. 3G proof is required for all tours.

What about a GIFT VOUCHER for one of our guided tours? Our 10 Euro voucher for a public tour makes a lovely gift and is valid for 3 years!

Whether it be a regular guided tour or a costumed theme tour of Old Town Heidelberg and its Castle, Schwetzingen, Mannheim, Weinheim or Speyer - please contact us! All tours can be combined with additional costumed appearances of historical characters and are also available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Finnish and Russian. We also offer Murder and Mystery Walking Tours and Night Watchman Tours. Be our guest!

Susanne Späinghaus and the team of Palatine Timetravels

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"Time travels at Heidelberg Palace"

Meet Sophie Mereau-Brentano and and travel back in time to visit romantic poets and see the palace through their eyes. We are looking forward to show you our beautiful region.

Large terrasse / Großer Altan:
Romantic Timetravel 1

Courtyard / Schlosshof
Romantis timetravel 2

Susanne Späinghaus


What about a voucher for a historical guided tour? A wonderful present for future time travels!

Whether it be a regular guided tour or a costumed theme tour of Old Town  Heidelberg, Schwetzingen, Weinheim, Mannheim oder Speyer, we will find the right tour for you!

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