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I lost my heart in Heidelberg...

... visit the romantic city of Heidelberg with one of the most famous castles in the world!

Are you planning your stay in Heidelberg? Are you hosting an international group and searching for an entertaining, attractive cultural programme? Strolling through the romantic streets of Heidelberg Old Town will provide it all: Entertainment, movement, relaxation.

No matter which tour you choose, you will never forget the tales of Heidelberg and the Palatinate of bygone times. Similar guided tours are offered for Schwetzingen, Weinheim, Speyer and Mannheim. 

Whether it be a regular guided tour or a tour in historical costume – please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will strive to fulfill your individual wishes.

Walking Tour of The Old Town (1,5h) - Group price: 95 € (German), 105 € (English/other foreign language)

Castle Heidelberg Tour (1,5h) - Group price: 95 € (German), 105 € (English/other foreign language)

Old Town & Castle Tour (3h) - Group price: 135 € (German), 145 € (English/other foreign language)

Costumed Historical Tour (1,5h) - Group price: 150 € (German), 160 € (English/other foreign language) 

Let's stage history with our exciting City and Castle Tours!
All tours can be booked individually. 

We look forward to receiving your inquiry. Get in touch!

Costumed guided tours in Heidelberg

Heidelberg Love Stories

Heidelberg Love Stories

We are walking in the footsteps of lovers from Heidelberg‘s history and listen to ravishing stories of amorous denial and fulfilment. This walk through the Old Town will tell you of sweet temptations and naked truths, romantic yearnings and aristocratic bedroom stories. Let delicate passions, sensuous poetry and sinful love letters fascinate you, while recipes for love spells and potency treatments offer practical life advice. This tour offers frivolously amusing insights into the customs of love and marriage throughout the centuries. Let's talk about love!
(Supplementary performance e.g. »Herbal Woman« and »Minstrel«). Contact us!

Haunted Heidelberg

"Only a few inches separate the living from the dead." And nowhere is that more true than in the Old Town of Heidelberg. This city has more than its fair share of murderers, ghosts, haunted locations and downright scare-you-senseless stories. Dramatic episodes and extraordinary apparitions from the past are revealed, including hair-raising ghost stories over 300 years old. Explore the spooky city after which you’ll be glad that there are a number of nearby pubs in which to steady your shattered nerves with a stiff drink. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Not suitable for children.
(Supplementary performance e.g. »Police Inspector« and »Night Watchman«). Contact us!

Heidelberg Ghost Tour
Heidelberg Criminal Tour

Murder & Mystery Tour "Murder at the University"

The tranquillity of Old Town Heidelberg is shattered by a tragic death! Our eerie historical crime tour takes you back to the turn of the century. Professors, students as well as young ladies seemed to be involved ... and you may learn the truth! Who is lying, who seems guilty but proves to be innocent? It's up to you to try and find the malicious murderer by looking for evidence and testimonies!
(Supplementary performances included). Contact us!

Middle Ages brought to Life

A spirited guide in historical costume transports you to the late Middle Ages. Listen to tales and lore of medieval Heidelberg and learn interesting, little-known facts about its former inhabitants and their lives. What was life like up at the castle? And how did the townsfolk live? Step back in time to learn, laugh and experience Heidelberg’s history in a truly unique fashion.
(Supplementary performance e.g. »Minstrel« and »Wise / Herbal Woman«). Contact us!

Mediaval Heidelberg
Hangman's wife

Murder and Mayhem

Assault, theft, robbery, poisening … – the history of crime is a colourful one and punishments were just as manifold: pillory, dunk cage, birching and many manners of execution. During this eventful tour the hangman's daughter will tell you about spectacular criminal cases and some not so noble robbers. The traditional methods of law enforcement and investigation will amaze you. Not suitable for children.
(Supplementary performance e.g. »Police Inspector« and »Night Watchman«). Contact us!

Stroll with a Heidelberg Townswoman

Up close to the action: A Townswoman in historical dress tells the stories behind history, presenting everything first-hand. Past eras come back to life as she chats about everyday excitement in the Old Town, bad student habits, court intrigues and much more - including the latest spicey court gossip. All of this is served with a good helping of humor and a pinch of scandal. Let us surprise you!

(Supplementary performance e.g.»Mark Twain« and »Charles de Graimberg«). Contact us!

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