Palatina Zeitreisen Heidelberg


StichpunktYou look for an event out of the ordinary? StichpunktYou would enjoy to meet historical characters?
StichpunktYou would like to get a taste of history and travel back in time?

We will strive to fulfill your wishes! Whether it be a regular guided tour or a costumed theme tour of Old Town Heidelberg and its Castle, Schwetzingen, Mannheim, Weinheim or Speyer - please contact us! All tours can be combined with additional costumed appearances of historical characters and are also available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Finnish and Russian. We also offer Murder and Mystery Walking Tours and Night Watchman Tours. Be our guest! (Praise & Guest Comments)

PALATINE TIME TRAVELS – We stage the past!

Photos and coloured etching of Heidelberg costumed guided tour tours Heidelberg Kostümführung Kostuemfuehrung Kostümführungen Kostuemfuehrungen Stadtführung Heidelberg